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Pet Photography

Pet PhotographyWe all know our pet is amazing, right! Just the cutest, friendliest, funniest and most deserving creature that ever lived. True and true!

But how many times have we been able to share with others that feeling we get in the pit of our stomach, or take it on the road with us when we travel?

Instead, it’s all just a warm and fuzzy memory that lives in our big soppy hearts.

And sure, we’ve tried catching that lovely moment with our phones or even the shiny SLR camera we got last Christmas, but something is just missing, isn’t it? Blurry shots, bad lighting, poor composition or just not enough “life” in the photo to truly showcase your dog or cat’s beautiful soul? Yah, we’ve all been there.

There comes a day in every pet owner’s life when they have to admit they want the magic skills of a seasoned professional. Today is that day! So come on over and let’s have a fun and furry adventure in front of the lens that you can remember and re-gift for ever to come.

How it works

We schedule the Pet Photography Session to take place at your home or at another location of your choosing, wherever your pet is most comfortable and happy.

You’ll get a Full Consultation either over the phone or at the photographer’s studio. The consultation will cover your needs and wishes for the end results of the photo session. We help you prepare your pet and your home for the session with tried and true advice that will guarantee a productive and successful photo session, that is fun to boot.

Here is some of the things that you should do to prepare for the arrival of the photographer:

  • Make sure you set aside at least 3 hours for the photo session in which you, your pet and the environment in which the session is to take place are peaceful, relaxed and without any distractions.
  • Think of any furniture, toys, props, or family members that you would like to be included in the photos and make sure they are clean and prettied-up (yes, even the family members!)
  • Think of specific locations that will provide a balanced and beautiful back drop to the photos, and clean and tidy those locations to a “photo perfect” finish
  • Groom your pet or ask for our professional groomer to come an hour before the photo session. If your dog or cat is not used to being groomed, a bath and light brushing and cleaning around the eyes will suffice and is strongly recommended to get the most captivating photos possible
  • Think of the types of photos you’d like to have of you pet. Is is energetic action shots or classic and peaceful portraits?
  • Think of any cute, funny or unique things your pet does and try to recreate them for the photo session. Hint: Think back on all those times you said to yourself  “Ahhh, I wish I had my camera ready for that!”
  • Exercise your dog thoroughly right before the photo session (or before the groomer arrives)
  • Relax and enjoy your Pet Photography Adventure!

What happens during a Pet Photography Session, you ask?

dog-photography5When the photographer arrives, they will spend some time interacting with your dog or cat to get to know them and to create a friendly and trust-filled report with them, whether that means hugging, rough-housing, a chase in the yard, or a play moment with their favorite toy.

Then, they will survey the surroundings and go over the wishes and ideas you discussed during the consultation. If you are still not sure of composition or types of photos, the photographer will consult with you further and suggest options and test shots, and together you will finalize the action plan for the photo session.

Then the fun begins! The photographer will arrange furniture, props and humans in the most desirable compositions and will work with your pet using secret magic spells and patience (mostly) to create the most memorable and adorable shots such as you never though possible.

You can stay out of the way, assist with the magic spells from afar, or jump right in, as you feel comfortable. Prepare for things to get fun and silly because we’ve talked to a lot of pets they all like a good bit of fun!

The After Effects

After the session is done, the photographer will gather their magic equipment and go to their studio to start working on your best shots. You’ll be a bit sad that the fun is over, but mostly so ANXIOUS to see the results of your hard work.

That is why within 2 days of the session, you will receive 10 of your best images on your mobile device, to “ohh” and “ahh” over and to start bragging to your friends about how gorgeous and amazing your pet really is. Good for you!

The Photo Ordering Session will take place approximately one week after the photo session. You will be shown your best photos (20-40), finished and retouched, as well as the formats and product options you can order from. Production times and delivery will vary depending on the products and quantities you order.

And they Lived Happily Ever After

Well, as you can imagine, what comes next is lots and lots of gift giving, bragging, sharing, and pure joy every single time you happen to glance at that loving face (or butt) staring back at you from the wall of your office, your coffee table, or even you cell phone.

Book your Pet’s Photography Adventure

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Pet Photography Rates

Single Session – $300

Included in the Photo Session you are:

  • Full Consultation
  • 2 hours of magic and fun photography
  • One location of your choosing
  • Up to 2 pets of the same family
  • Processing and re-touching
  • 10 of your best photos sent to your mobile device for you viewing and sharing pleasure
  • Ordering session – 20 to 40 of your best pictures ready for order
Second Location – $100
  • Same day
  • Within 30km of first location
  • 1 additional hour of the photographer’s time and talent
Additional Pets – $30 each
Grooming Session – $50 – $100

How to Book your Pet’s Photography Session

During the consultation, you will place your order with the photographer specifying exact location, dates and times for the Photo Session. You will receive your invoice via email.

To confirm your booking simply remit a 50% down-payment (or payment in full if you wish) via Interac e-Transfer. Instructions will be available on the invoice.

You’re booked! You will receive your confirmation via email. Payment in full is due by the date of the Pet Photography Session, also via Interac e-Transfer.

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