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Dog Training

Dog Training Classes and Private Consultations

If you are new to the role of dog parenting, it can be confusing to choose between all the dog training tips and advice you get from friends and family (or on the street) and even those you get from books and dog trainers.

At DoggyDay, we offer 3 types of dog training, the Puppy Training, Obedience Training, and Problem Solving.


Puppy Training Montreal

For new pup parents and fuzz-butts up to 6 mo. old


Dog Behavior Basics

Six months and older. Canine Good Citizen approach.


dog trainer montreal

Private Training with custom solutions to canine behavioral problems.

A word from our trainer

In 2003, while volunteering for a no-kill animal shelter in Atlanta Georgia, I heard the term “positive reinforcement” for the first time.  It was often followed by things like “bribery” and “won’t work with hard cases”.

Not long after I watched a documentary on Elephants.  For as long as anyone can remember, elephants have been trained with something called a bull hook.  If you don’t know what a bull hook is, it is something rather unpleasant, but had proven effective against the gentle giants.  The documentary showed that using raw sugar cane was significantly more effective in coercing these beasts to do weird things like stand on their heads.  When Mother Nature created elephants, I’m pretty sure she never intended for them to stand on their heads, but nonetheless they complied.  And teaching them to do it through positive reinforcement resulted in a more rapid acceptance, and a stronger bond between the animal and the trainer.  The same goes for dogs.

While growing up in the Southern United States, I saw a lot of dominance based training.  In fact someone once told me, “if you want a dog to respect you, you must be hard on it”.  So I was taught to use choke chains and prong collars, the “old school method,” but in the back of my mind, I knew there had to be a better way!   And after watching that documentary, I pursued learning that better way…

I have been working with dogs for twenty years and I am member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  I firmly believe in positive reinforcement, and have successfully removed choke chains and other dominance based tools from the hands of my clients; showing them that once you and your dog learn to trust and respect one another, anything is possible.

I look forward to working with you and your Pooch!

Chad Taylor

Available formats for your dog training

Which one is right for me?

To help you understand the various dog training options, here is a overview of the different formats:


Regardless of your level – puppy starter, obedience 1, 2, 3, or the masters program – group classes have a set curriculum. They are ideal for dog owners who are able to devote a serious amount of time to their canine companion’s social, physical and mental needs and people who learn better in a structured and guided group setting.

Group classes teach you the basics of dog psychology and behavior in a social and interactive setting, where like-minded dog owners come together to accomplish the same balanced lifestyle with their dogs. They are fun and often create long lasting friendships among dogs and humans alike.

However, group classes are only the beginning of your dog’s training regiment. The inherent nature of a group activity is too distracting for both dogs and humans and MUST be followed up with the homework assignments (provided by the instructor) in order to achieve the long lasting results you desire.

HOME Dog TrainingIn-home Private Training

Some behavioral issues like unwanted guarding, excessive barking, toys or food possessiveness, severe separation anxiety, property destruction, or housebreaking problems can only be addressed in the environment they occur in.

In-home dog training consultations are geared towards behavior modification in a laser-focused and result driven approach because the owners and trainer can work with the behavioral problem as it occurs.


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